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Hamilton C shell 2012 new all over again

Redmond, Washington, USA — August 30, 2012 — If you thought there would never again be anything new about a Unix shell for Windows, you could be wrong. Hamilton Laboratories hopes to change your mind and shake up the market with its announcement today that after being priced at $350 for over two decades, Hamilton C shell 2012 is now just $89 for personal use and that $89 covers all your personal devices.

Hamilton C shell is a recreation from scratch of the Unix C shell and utilities for Windows. The latest release includes all new documentation, new features like a genuine su (super user) utility for Windows 7, a dramatically better price and a new “All My Devices“ personal use provision to our license: Buy one copy for personal use and install it on all your personal machines.

According to company president and author of Hamilton C shell, Nicole Hamilton, “When we introduced Hamilton C shell in December 1988, our target was professional developers paying with company money, usually a purchase order. At $350, we were $150 less than our competition, it was comfortably under a first line manager’s signature authority and it reflected the cost of assembling a half-dozen diskettes, three pounds of paper and shipping it all by Fedex – and then doing it all over again for every update.

“Today, everyone downloads, everyone has their own personal machines, usually several of them, they’re often paying with their own money and the competition is free open source.

“To compete with free, especially when people are spending their own money, you have to be really good and you also have to be so affordable that no one would waste time with an inferior product, even if it is free. We’ve always been really good, now we’re really affordable. At $89 to cover all your personal machines, we don’t think cost should be a reason why anyone would still put up with poor quality.”

Hamilton Laboratories is an independent software vendor (ISV) located in Redmond, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. The company was founded in September, 1987 by Nicole Hamilton, who is the author of Hamilton C shell. Ms. Hamilton has a BS and MS electrical engineering from Stanford and and an MBA from Boston University. She's named as an inventor on 7 issued US patents.

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