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Customer testimonials over the years

“I lead the engineering team at Digital that did the port of Windows NT to Digital’s Alpha architecture.  Hamilton C shell has been an essential tool in our daily work for the last five years.  We use it both interactively and in scripting complex tasks.  Hamilton C shell is dependable, fast, impeccably engineered, and available for all NT-supported microprocessor architectures. Hamilton Laboratories provides timely support for our time-crunched engineering activities. Many people on our team use it and appreciate it for both its capabilities and as a method of providing a shell environment on Windows NT.”
Benn Schreiber, Digital Equipment Corporation

“Here at the IRS, we use Hamilton C shell and the cron utility that comes with it to automate the nightly updates of a large number of Windows NT servers in the southeast region.  Later this year, we expect this project to go nationwide.  Ours is a mission-critical activity that demands unquestioned reliability. Hamilton C shell delivers that reliability with top-notch functionality and outstanding engineering and support.  I use Hamilton C shell personally and I recommend it to my colleagues.”
Arthur E. Kitchens, Internal Revenue Service

“I have over 7,000 lines of Hamilton C shell scripts performing different duties, over 2,500 in a single script which masterminds the extensive nightly regression testing for the C 7.00 C++ compiler.  The power, speed, reliability and expressability of the Hamilton C shell is better than the C shells I have used on any UNIX system, and I have used a lot of them.  I love it.  It’s a great programmer’s tool.”
Martin J. O’Riordan, Microsoft

“I use Hamilton C shell on a daily basis.  Hamilton C shell is a great product.  It’s dependable, fast and very powerful.  Support is terrific. Whenever I’ve had a question, the response has always been immediate. I’m always impressed at how easy it is to get things done with Hamilton C shell.  It definitely has paid for itself!”
Kurt Jones, Info Directions, Inc.

“I use Hamilton C shell every day for many tasks — everything from the product build process to source code management. Hamilton C shell brings the very best of the UNIX tool set to Windows NT, and does so in a seamless and high quality manner. My technical support issues are always dealt with promptly and professionally. I would recommend Hamilton C shell to anyone who enjoys getting a complicated task completed using a single, simple command line request!”
Ron Forrester, OrCAD, Inc.

“I’m very impressed with the product.  We get flack from folks because we aren’t ‘UNIX®-like,’ when actually we are rather UNIX-like at the program interface level; it’s our user interface that’s very un-UNIX-like. Your product not only has its tangible benefits, but also some psychological ones as well.  Personally, I’d like to have a copy for my home machine.”
Gordon Letwin

“Hamilton C shell is a hacker’s dream — it makes all your other software tools work faster and better.  Hamilton has given us two-inch pipe where Microsoft and IBM gave us quarter-inch; a full set of controls where they gave us an off switch; and a Porsche engine where they gave us a VW.”
Martin Heller, Software developer and OS/2 consultant

“A fine product. Outstanding command line editing and a complete set of terrific utilities.  No one should cripple OS/2 with little more than a DOS prompt when they can have Hamilton C shell.  Buy it!”
Dave Nanian, co-author of BRIEF

“Everyone here who uses OS/2 uses the Hamilton C shell.  We find it indispensable for sophisticated software development, particularly when we have to switch between OS/2 and UNIX workstations.  Best of all, the support has been absolutely first rate.”
Scott E. Garfinkle, Ingres

“We regularly run a multi-thousand line set of Hamilton C shell scripts to painlessly produce the OS/2 version of Sybase SQL Server.  Hamilton C shell and all its utilities let us move easily between OS/2 and UNIX.  We are looking forward to getting the same productivity gains from the Hamilton product in the Windows NT environment.”
David Clingerman, Sybase, Inc.