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Cubs can win trophies or ribbons either for speed or for workmanship or originality. Only one award per car, however. A car that wins for speed will not be considered for workmanship and originality. All cubs will, at a minimum, receive a ribbon recognizing their participation.

For speed, we'll award:

For workmanship or originality, we'll award:

In contrast to awards for speed, which obviously be made based solely on quantitative performance measured by computer with meticuluous precision, awards for workmanship and originality will be based on on qualitative factors of the actual cars presented, solely at the discretion of the judges. Since the whole point of these awards shall be to recognize the children's creativity and craftsmanship, there are no preset criteria for the workmanship and originality awards. But some of the factors the judges may consider and recognize include:

Our intent in offering just as many awards for workmanship and originality as for speed is to remind both Cubs and parents that there are many different paths to success in life. Not everyone has to run and compete in exactly the same race to be a success. Each child is unique. What we do hope our Cubs will learn is that what's really important is just what's in the Cub Scout Motto: Do your best!

Judging for workmanship and originality will be done by the Pack and Race Committees. All Cubs should plan to leave their cars for judging following the race. All the cars will be returned at the next Pack Meeting on Thursday, February 12, 1998, where the winners will be recognized and their winning cars placed on display. A complete listing of the final times and standings from the race will also be distributed at that same meeting.

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