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The Cubs and their adult partners should make the cars together! The idea is not for the adult to point the Cub at the tool chest and walk away nor is the adult supposed to do all the work while the Cub plays video games. Parents should resist the temptation to want to beat all the other Moms and Dads. The whole point is for the Cubs to have fun learning how to do a simple wood-working project, not to show off that Dad has access to a NASA wind tunnel or the metal shop at MIT.

Adults should do anything dangerous (e.g.., any cutting done with power tools) but encourage the Cub to do much as possible of the rest of the work with coaching from the adult. Any assistance given should be explained to the Cub so he can use that knowledge on future projects.

If you don't have access to the tools you need, ask your Cub leaders for help; by the same token, if you do have tools and would be willing to help a Cub who doesn't have any, please let your Den Leader know. It would be real shame to have any Cub feel left out just because he didn't have the right tools at home.

Here are the steps to building a great car:

  1. Getting Started with the Body.

  2. Painting.

  3. Wheels and Axles.

  4. Final Adjustments.

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Tips for a Great Car
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