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Rules for the Cars

  1. New Cars Only. You may not race a car built for any prior Pinewood Derby.

  2. Weight. Each car must weigh at most 5 ounces (141.75 grams). Anything added to increase the weight must be fixed in place. You may not use moving weights or mercury. Cars that are overweight cannot race, though space and some tools will be available for last minute adjustments.

  3. Size. The car must be no more than 7 inches long and 2 3/4 inches wide.

  4. Official Parts Only. Each car must be built using the wood, wheels and axles provided in the official Cub Scout kits. Special axles, wheels or car bodies not provided in the kits cannot be used.

  5. Wheels and Axles. The wheels may be lightly sanded to smooth out mold marks, etc., but may not be narrowed or grooved or otherwise modified. The axles may be filed or polished to remove imperfections. Wheel bearings, washers and bushings are prohibited. The car may not ride on springs.

  6. Wheel Placement. The axles must be mounted in the slots pre-cut into the wood. The front of the car is where is the slot is closer to the end. The width between the wheels must be at least 1 3/4 inches. The ground clearance between the car and the track must be at least 3/8 inches.

  7. Lubrication. Only dry, powdered graphite may be used to lubricate the axles. No oil, silicone spray or other lubricants are allowed. No graphite may be applied inside the building or after the car has been inspected.

  8. Detailing. Cosmetic details such as steering wheel, driver, paint, decals, etc., are okay as long as they do not violate length, width, weight or other specifications. Cars with wet paint will not be accepted.

  9. Only gravity to propel it The car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.

  10. Inspection. Each car must pass inspection by the Official Race Committee before it may compete. If a car fails to meet the rules, the Cub will be told what problems exist and may change the car to meet the rules. Decisions of the committee are final. We will have some tools and spare parts available for Cubs who need to make last-minute adjustments.

Rules for the Race

  1. Good Sportsmanship! Anyone not displaying good sportsmanship and good behavior may be asked to leave.

  2. If a car jumps the track or interferes with another car, the heat will be rerun. If it happens again, it'll be eliminated from that heat.

  3. If a car breaks down or loses a wheel, the owner will be given 5 minutes to perform repairs and the heat will be rerun. If it breaks down a second time or cannot be repaired within 5 minutes, it's eliminated from that heat.

  4. If a car is eliminated from a heat, it will be judged based on its other three times. A car that's eliminated more than once is eliminated from competition for speed.

  5. Following inspection, a Cub may not handle his car again until after all 4 of his heats have been run except to perform repairs allowed in the event of a breakdown.

How the Race will be Run
Tips for a Great Car
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