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#  Customize the screen colors for a laptop computer.
#  Copyright (c) 1996-2012 by Hamilton Laboratories.  All rights reserved.

#  Ordinary (non-bright) colors tend to look pretty washed out on the
#  color LCD panels used on most laptops and in most projection systems.
#  These color settings will likely look better.

setenv   COLORS         =  bright white on blue
setenv   DELETIONS      =  bright white on red
setenv   ADDITIONS      =  bright white on green
setenv   MOREPROMPT     =  bright green
setenv   MOREFILLIN     =  bright yellow
setenv   MOREERROR      =  bright white on red
setenv   MOREEOF        =  bright yellow
setenv   DIRECTORIES    =  bright yellow
setenv   SYSTEMFILES    =  bright green
setenv   SYSTEMDIRS     =  bright cyan
setenv   HIGHLIGHT      =  bright yellow

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