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External utilities

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External utilities
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Command Function
binedit Binary edit.
cat Concatenate files.
chgrp Change the group for files or directories.
chmod Change mode bits of file.
chown Change the ownership of files or directories.
cmp Binary compare two files or directories.
cp Copy files or directories.
cron Run commands at specified times.
csh The C shell itself.
cut Cut out selected fields of each line of text.
des Encrypt or decrypt data using the Data Encryption Standard (DES).
date Display the date and time.
diff Compare files or directories.
dim Discard any ansi escape sequences in the input stream.
dirbox Directory selection dialog box.
directory Find a special folder location.
dskread Read raw sectors from a disk.
dskwrite Write raw sectors to a disk.
du Display disk usage.
env Execute a command with a new environment.
exec Run an arbitrary command as a separate process.

Fast string search (fast grep) of text files.

filebox File selection dialog box.
getopt Parse command-line options.
grep Regular expression pattern search of text files.
head Copy the first few lines or bytes of a file to stdout.
label Read/Write the volume label.
ln Hard link a file to a new name.
ls List directory contents.
mkdir Make a new directory.

A better more utility. (Able to search forward or backward or to a specific line.)

mt Manipulate the tape device.
mv Move files or directories.
newer Test whether first file is newer than the others.
older Test whether first file is older than the others.
open Open a file using the associated application.
paste Merge corresponding or subsequent lines.
pwd Print the working directories.
random Generate cryptographically secure pseudorandom numbers.
rm Remove files or directories.
rmdir Remove directories.
sed Stream editor.
setrows Set or report the number of rows in the display window.
setwin Set or report the current window's show state.
shortcut Create or report a shortcut.
showdesk Show the desktop.
sort Sort and/or merge files.
split Split a large file into equal-sized chunks.
strings Extract ASCII strings from a file.
su Run a command as another user.
sum Checksum the contents of a file.
tabs Expand or unexpand tabs.
tail Copy the last few lines or bytes of a file to stdout.
tar Read/Write UNIX TAR and CPIO format files and tapes. (Tapes not supported under Windows 9x.)
tee Pipe fitting.
touch Update the time-stamp on a file.
tr Translate characters.
uniq Report unique lines in text files.

uudecode binary data.


uuencode binary data for email transmission.

ver Display the current system and Hamilton C shell version numbers.
vol Display the disk volume label.
wc Count lines, words and characters.

Tell which PATH directory a given executable is in.

whoami Print the current domain and user names.
xargs Construct argument list(s) and invoke utility.
xd Hex dump a file to stdout.
xor XOR files to stdout.

All external utilities except whereis self-document with the -h option. Any external utility may be renamed simply by renaming the executable file.

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Getting started with Hamilton C shell

Hamilton C shell, as it first wakes up.

Getting started with Hamilton C shell

A first few commands.

You can set the screen colors to your taste.

You can set the screen colors to your taste.