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Builtin utilities

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Builtin utilities
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All builtin utilities self-document with the -h option.

Command Function
cd Change working directory. Optionally, change disk.
chcp Change code page. (Not implemented.)

A synonym for cd.

cls Clear the screen.
dirs Print the directory stack.
echo Echo arguments to stdout.
eval Defer parsing of the word list until the evaluation phase.
hashstat Print path hash statistics.
heapstat Print heap usage statistics.
history Display the history list.
kill Kill background activity.
popd Pop directory stack.
ps List process and thread status.
pushd Push a new current directory on the directory stack or exchange the top two items.
rehash Rehash the path directories.
rotd Rotate the directory stack.
sleep Sleep for a specified period.
source Read commands from a file.
unhash Turn off path list hashing.
verify Turn on write verification mode.
wait Wait for children to complete.

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Getting started with Hamilton C shell

Hamilton C shell, as it first wakes up.

Getting started with Hamilton C shell

A first few commands.

You can set the screen colors to your taste.

You can set the screen colors to your taste.