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        Read Commands from a File or from Stdin

Usage:  source [-eELnsh-] [filename] [arguments]

   Commands are executed just as if they were typed directly in to
   this thread of Hamilton C shell and can change local variables and
   current directory settings.

   (This differs from typing the name of a C shell script file as a
   command; if you do that, a separate thread is created.)


   -e   Execute only.  No logging to history.  (The default.)
   -E   Execute and log to history.
   -L   Load the history list only.  No syntax checking.
   -n   No Execute.  Just do a syntax check.
   -N   No Execute, but load the history list.
   -s   Read commands from stdin.
   -h   Help.  (This screen.)
   --   End of options.

(The slash, "/", may be used instead of a minus to introduce
options.  To specify a different set of characters to introduce
options, use the SWITCHCHARS environmental variable.)

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