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        Parse & Evaluate at Run-Time

Usage:  eval [-h-] [ arbitrary_command_text ]

   Evaluate the words following on the command line as text to be parsed
   and evaluated as statements only after all the substitutions and wild-
   carding have been done.

   Command or variable substitutions aren't normally done until after
   statements have already been parsed and compiled into an internal form
   and, if it's a background statement, passed off to a background child

   The eval command is useful if either:

   -  You want command or variable substitutions to be recognized as
      any of the reserved words of the language or as an alias, or
   -  You want the substitutions done before a background thread is


   -h   Help.  (This screen.)
   --   End of options.

(The slash, "/", may be used instead of a minus to introduce
options.  To specify a different set of characters to introduce
options, use the SWITCHCHARS environmental variable.)

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