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        Echo the Arguments to Standard Output

Usage:  echo [-n2h-] [ text ]

   Echo the text to standard output (or stderr), substituting for
   certain character sequences preceded by the escapesym character.
   (The escapesym character is normally '^' but can be changed with
   the set command.)

      ^a  Audible Alert (Bell)       ^r  Carriage Return
      ^b  BackSpace                  ^t  Tab
      ^f  Form Feed                  ^v  Vertical Tab
      ^n  NewLine                    ^^  Single escapesym

   The escapesym character may also be followed with the numeric value
   of the intended substitution character where the value is specified
   in hex (as an 'x' followed by hex digits) or in octal.


   -n   Don't automatically append a Carriage Return/Line Feed
        sequence to the end of the output.
   -2   Write to stderr instead of stdout.
   -h   Help.  (This screen.)
   --   End of options.

(The slash, "/", may be used instead of a minus to introduce
options.  To specify a different set of characters to introduce
options, use the SWITCHCHARS environmental variable.)

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