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        Kill Specified Process or Thread Activity

Usage:  kill [-x!h-] scheduling_id  [ scheduling_id ... ]

   Terminate specific activities.  Normally, only direct child
   processes can be killed.  Only certain threads will respond to
   a kill; you cannot inadvertantly kill normal internal

   Requests to kill a process are normally carried out by sending a
   Ctrl-Break event to the process and its children.  Ctrl-Break
   isn't guaranteed to work (any given process may choose to ignore
   it) but if it does, it's guaranteed that process will terminate
   cleanly, releasing any DLL's it's using.

   Scheduling_ids are the job, thread or process indentifiers as
   reported by the ps command.  An all-numeric id indicates a
   background job; an id beginning with 't' indicates a thread;
   'p' indicates a process.


   -x   Kill even processes that are not direct children.
   -!   Kill processes using TerminateProcess, not Ctrl-Break.  This
        will kill almost anything (a process cannot ignore it) but
        since its effect is immediate, any DLL's in use will not
        necessarily clean up properly.
   -h   Help.  (This screen.)
   --   End of options.

(The slash, "/", may be used instead of a minus to introduce
options.  To specify a different set of characters to introduce
options, use the SWITCHCHARS environmental variable.)

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