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        Print Process & Thread Status

Usage:  ps [-sh-]

   Show the status of all the background jobs, processes and
   threads related to this invocation of Hamilton C shell,
   highlighting the current thread.

   Background jobs are created when you type an ampersand at the
   end of a command line.  The job number is the number reported
   when the job is created and applies to all screens, processes
   and threads created by that job.

   Processes are created when commands are typed that require other
   executable programs to run.  Process ids begin with 'p'.

   Threads are concurrent activities going on inside Hamilton C shell.
   Some, such as the cleanup activities that watch for other threads
   or processes to end always run in the background.  Others are
   created when a command requires that an internal function be run
   in the background.  Thread ids begin with 't'.


   -s   List details of all processes system-wide.
   -h   Help.  (This screen.)
   --   End of options.

(The slash, "/", may be used instead of a minus to introduce
options.  To specify a different set of characters to introduce
options, use the SWITCHCHARS environmental variable.)

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