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        chgrp:  Change the group for files or directories

Usage:  chgrp [-rth-] groupid file1 [ file2 ... ]

   chgrp will change the group information associated with NTFS
   files or directories to the specified group.  chgrp will not
   run under Windows 9x.

   The groupid may be specified as either a simple name or as a
   machine\name pair.  (Warning:  specifying a name on another
   machine can take several seconds for network handshaking.)
   The groupid is omitted with the -t option.

   To use this command, you must have this right, which can be
   granted via the User Manager:

      Restore files and directories


   -r             Recursive.  If any of the paths specified
                  is a directory, chgrp will recursively walk
                  through the entire directory tree, changing
                  the group of all the contents.
   -t             Take.  Change the group to the same as the
                  primary group of the current process. The
                  groupid argument is omitted.

   -h             Help.  (This screen.)
   --             End of options.

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