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#  Calculate the total space used by specified files or directories
#  Copyright (c) 1992-2012 by Hamilton Laboratories.  All rights reserved.
proc sizeof(files)
   #  Method is as follows:
   #  1. Get a long listing of all the files of interest, walking thru any
   #     subdirectories that may have been specified.
   #  2. Cut out the field 6, the column showing the space used.  (Note
   #     that the space is taken delimiter and that repeated spaces are
   #     ignored.)
   #  3. Paste this series of numbers back on the command line with backquotes
   #     and globally substitute +'s for the spaces between each pair of
   #     numbers.
   #  4. Run this constructed statement back thru the parser and execute
   #     it with the eval statement.
   eval return `ls -Lw! $files | cut -f6 -rd^ `:gS/ /+/

sizeof $argv

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