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#  Search for occurrences of a simple string in all the files with a
#  given extension anywhere in a directory tree.

#  Copyright (c) 1990-2012 by Hamilton Laboratories.  All rights reserved.

#  ts works by pushing the directory to be searched onto the directory
#  stack making it the current disk and directory.  ls and grep are used
#  to recursively list all files (not directories) any where in the tree
#  that end with .ext where ext is whatever the caller requests.   Assuming
#  there are some files, fgrep is used to search them, ignoring character
#  case and showing line numbers.  The test is needed since calling fgrep
#  without a filename argument would cause it to try to read stdin.  The
#  text argument is inside double quotes in case the search text is more
#  than one word.

proc ts(startdir,ext, text)

  pushd -s $startdir
  set files = ``ls -rD1 | grep -i \.$ext^$``
  if (files != '') fgrep -in "$text" $files | more
  popd -s


ts $argv

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